The sadness

After leaving Philly is so real. I miss waking up with my best friends and being surrounded with them all day. Walking around a beautiful city and having late nights filled with laughter without a care in the world. The feeling of seeing your favorite band and having all your friends from around the world appreciating it just as much you.
I miss this is hardcore.
I miss my friends.
I miss wawa, and I miss being able to walk everywhere I need to go :(

Hardcore is something I’ll never take for granted. The friendships I have gained because of it are something I won’t ever be able to put in words. Enjoying something similar with people all over the world brings you together like you’ve known eachother for years.
I can’t express my love for it.

The feeling of meeting someone and four days later you’re hugging and saying I miss you and making future plans. I don’t know where I would be without weekends like these.

Fucking take me back to this is hardcore :(

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have you ever met someone and instantly you become overwhelmed with this insane, crazy attraction that you don’t really know why it happens but it does. not just physically, but emotionally

then you’re obsessed and you can’t stop thinking about them, and you don’t really know why

it sucks when that happens with someone who doesn’t live near you

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(Roughly) Ordered from Least to Most Personal

1: Do you prefer pancakes or waffles?
2: What is your favorite breakfast?
3: What kind of weather is your favorite?
4: When was the last time you climbed a tree?
5: What was your favorite year in school (so far)?
6: What colors has your hair been in your life?
7: Do you prefer your hair long or short?
8: What's your go to sitting around on the couch food?
9: What clubs do/did you participate in at school?
10: What's the first money you ever legitimately purchased?
11: What's the first album you ever legitimately purchased?
12: How would you describe your aesthetic?
13: What are little things that your good friends know about your that casual friends don't notice?
14: What is something you and your best friend say/do that seems strange to an outsider?
15: Do you like to sleep near the wall, the middle, or the open side of the bed?
16: What's the strangest rumor that has ever been spread about you?
17: What is the most flattering compliment you remember receiving?
18: How involved were you in the drama of your high school?
19: What's the most uncomfortable thing a stranger online has said to you?
20: What's an embarrassing thing that has happened to you?
21: When sleeping with another person do you prefer to stay over at your house or theirs?
22: Do you ever send anonymous messages of any variety?
23: Do you feel comfortable running into people from your high school?
24: What laws are that you feel bothered by?
25: Do you like to cuddle while you are sleeping?
26: Do you know how many people you have kissed?
27: What are things you find really sexy in other people?
28: What are your favorite parts of your own body?
29: What are you favorite places to be touched?
30: Do you or have you ever owned any sex toys?
31: How many times have you had sex with the last person you slept with?

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buying clothes that aren’t black is hard

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